Weight Loss


A Proven Method To Weight Loss

Our medically designed weight loss program moves you rapidly and safely through two active phases into a maintenance phase. We help your body quickly shift to burning fat for energy rather than glucose and muscle.

Utilizing the proven Ideal Protein weight loss protocol, we help stabilize your pancreas and blood sugar levels while targeting fat, maintaining muscle, lowering high blood pressure, high insulin, and high cholesterol. Our FDA-approved partial meal replacement foods are only available through Ideal Protein certified clinics.

Lasting weight loss only happens with great support. Our Ideal Protein Certified coaches hold you accountable with expert guidance and motivation along with weekly monitoring of body measurements, fat, muscle, and hydration percentages. Most dieters achieve rapid and maintain consistent fat loss with our easy-to-follow weight loss structure.

It's never too late to make a change!

Our Ideal Weight Loss plan is healthy and proven to work! Contact us today!

Lose Weight Now!


The principles behind the program

Simple and complex carbohydrates (sugars) can prevent weight loss. Why? Because as long as sugar is being consumed, the body is not burning fat. It's as simple as that. Our method restricts sugars (simple and complex carbs) until your weight loss goal is achieved, making this a defined program with a beginning and an end.

Learn to live off of the body's own fat reserves. The body gets its fuel from three reserves: glycogen (stored glucose), protein, and fats. When glycogen reserves are depleted, the body turns simultaneously to its protein (muscle) and fat reserves for energy. The main principle of our method is to deplete the glycogen reserves and maintain muscle so that the body uses fat as its primary fuel!

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

This program utilizes nutritionally balance meal replacements. It consist of a 4-phase protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and encourages cellulite reduction. On average, women lose two-three pounds per week, and men three-four pounds per week.

Here’s how it works:

  • Phase 1 – Initial consultation and weekly one-on-one supervision until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved.
  • Phase 2 – Reduction in the number of Ideal Protein products consumed daily.
  • Phase 3 – Re-introduction of carbohydrates and healthy fats. This is a weight stabilization phase for a fixed two week period.
  • Phase 4 – The balanced lifestyle choices and smarter eating education you have received from your personal weight loss coach will assist you in maintaining a stable weight after dieting.

It’s never too early to start losing weight and feeling better about yourself, get the new you now!

Make this your last diet!

Lasting weight loss happens with a scientific approach and great support. We provide you the knowledge you need along with expert guidance, accountability, and encouragement. Check out this video and learn how rapid and consistent fat loss happens with a weight loss regime, which most dieters find easy to follow.


Get the tools and support to keep that weight off forever!

Our metabolic weight loss is designed to offers safe, rapid fat burning, while maintaining your muscle mass. Too often typical diets eat muscle leaving you without energy and vitality. Weight you initially lose will return as you begin eating normal meals again creating a yo-yo effect of weight gain and loss.

From day one you are eating your own lean protein, vegetables, and salad along with three delicious, high bio-available Ideal Protein foods each day.

This is an easy-to-maintain program over the long term. You will stop yo-yo effect We give you the tools to eat healthy while traveling, entertaining, going to restaurants, and social events. No more endless revolving diets.

What results can you expect?

On average, women lose two-three pounds per week, and men three-four pounds per week.


  • Quick fat loss, especially belly fat, without sacrificing muscle mass
  • Learning how food affects and is utilized by the body and the causes of fat storage
  • Easy to use protocol – and motivation to stick with it
  • Utilize fat for energy, usually by day four
  • Improved energy and appetite control, reduced cravings
  • Improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels; reduced blood pressure
  • Rapid reduction in waist circumference
  • Most clients, under their physician’s direction, reduce or eliminate medications for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems

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